About us:

Southampton Show 2013_0123

Rochdale Model Railway Group is a small band of predominantly 4mm modellers, although we do have one member who professes to model things that he can see. We meet every Wednesday night 8pm to 10pm in Norden, Rochdale, and retire afterwards to a local hostelry to chew the fat of that night’s meeting and indulge in a beer or two.

We don’t have a club layout any more, but instead collaborate and help out on each other’s projects and layouts. Club members currently have 8 exhibition layouts out on the circuit, and several more are on the stocks and at the planning stage. Club nights are spent doing individual projects – the fact that there is a great deal of expertise about whilst doing these projects is a great help. We have a wide and eclectic range of skills and interests, although matters Great Western tend to be frowned upon or tolerated at a distance – and there’s plenty of exhibition layout experience in the group.

Our annual exhibition is now held in April – a movable feast around 3 weekends all dependent upon when Easter falls. Over the years it has gained a healthy reputation for showing some of the best layouts in the country. The accent is on quality and at Rochdale show you won’t see the same old year after year procession of the same local and club layouts. The successful running of the show relies heavily on a substantial number of country members who have been recruited over the years, quite often because they were stood in the wrong place at the wrong time (for them)!


3 thoughts on “About us:

    • The skills day was organised by the EMGS with considerabe input (and Demos) from RMRG. The skills day travels round the country (In 2018 its in Kidderminster) but judging by the reception it met it will probably be back at the Coach House in the future.

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