Our Layouts:

Eskmuir – OO, Tony Bucknell

esk 3

esk 1

New Hey – EM,  Andy Cooper

New Hey brit

Kirkmellington – EM, Graham Bucknell

kirk 5kirk 2Kirk 1kirk 3


Glaisden – EM, Ian Worthington

Glaisden Detail FrontageGlaisden Overall Frontage


North Ballachulish – EM, Andy Cooper

IMG_9379IMG_9381 (2)IMG_9381IMG_9386 (2)IMG_9389




Consolidated Toxics – EM, Martin Edmondson

Culm – EM, Dai Davies


Hebble Vale – EM, Karl Crowther


Harkness -EM, Tony Bucknell

harkness tony2harkness tony1harkness 2

Amalgamated Wagon Works – O Gauge, Ben Lord


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