EMGS Skills Day



Strange Brew?

Burton on Trent is synonymous with the brewing industry, a subject as dear to the heart of RMRG members as model railways themselves. Mind you apart from the Burton Bridge Micro, theres little there for the beer lover these days, the serried ranks of large tanks with the “Coors” logo emblazoned on them tell you all you need to know about brewing in Burton.

However something good that way comes in the shape of the DEMU showcase event and this year Graham has been invited with Kirkmellington. Its should be a very good show especially for those more internal combustion than steam! 4 and 5 June, Burton Town Hall DE14 2EB



kirk 2



Pot Holder

The news today that Ben had won the chairman’s Cup for exhibiting Amalgamated Wagon at the Bradford Exhibition has raised much cheer amongst the club members as that means the beer is on him at the Horse and Farrier on Wednesday night 😉

Ben pot holder

Its good news for the club (apart from the free beer) in that a bit of a cinderella layout has been resurrected to a good exhibitable standard and looks like it’s going to be in demand. Keep an eye on our exhibition dates for its next outings. Well done Ben.

Amalgamated Wagon Ressurected

Many moons ago – when Moby Dick was still a tadpole in actual fact – some club members who professed to model in a scale they could see, built Amalgamated Wagon. This was a small 7mm shunting plank based on a fictitious wagon works and saw a few shows in the North West. Then interest waned after we lost our club rooms, and for a good few years the layout languished in a barn in Sowerby.

Earlier this year club member Ben Lord rescued it and took it home with a view to making it exhibitable again. He’s making a few alterations, and has already titivated the layout and is thinking of extending it to some exchange sidings. Whilst it’s probably going to offend some of a religious disposition to call this the second coming, we do think it is. But we do know that he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy………………


The fat lady has definitely sung – roll on next year!

Well that’s the show done and dusted for another year, and a very successful one for the club it was too. Attendance was up by a full 30% of last year and whilst the hall was busy it was not too crowded. Some really great comments too about the show and the standard of the exhibits on view. It just goes to show that the biggest is not always the best, and our back to basics approach to the exhibition is working well. Heres a few images of the show just before it opened, taken by Chris Nevard who is one of our country members. More information on next years show will appear over the next few weeks – as well as regular updates about club members projects.



And lastly just to show it’s not all about toy trains, here’s a shot of the club relaxing after close of play on Saturday